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Pokémon Polyhedral: Micro Edition is an A6 size solo RPG that is narrative lite and dice heavy. 

Roll dice to encounter Pokémon. Roll dice to capture them. Roll dice to level up and evolve them. Roll dice to use your team to defeat Team Rocket, Gym Leaders, and the Elite Four. 

While it's designed as a solo game, I play tested it along side my partner. We came up with house rules for trading Pokémon between us and had a nice time playing it together. So the rules could be used for more than one player as well. 

My goal with this game was to create something I could play when I didn't want to think too hard, wanted to use my dice sets I love, and fill random empty pages in my notebook. It's a little grindy because of the lack of narrative but it's part of what I find enjoyable about it. 

Notes on Game Set Up:

While we played some quick games on small A6 pieces of paper, I recommend setting up a Pokedex page (or a few) with lines numbered 1-151, leaving some space to mark when you've seen the Pokémon and whether you've captured it. I leave space after it too so I can update it's XP as well. 

I keep my Party on a small piece of paper and I swap out when I make changes. When you take Pokémon out of your Party, it helps to make sure you update their XP before crossing out names or starting a new piece of paper. 

Then I use pages to list out encounters and keep track of wins. 

Ultimately, set up is up to you. Whatever makes it the most fun for you have at it!


Pokemon Solo RPG A6 v3.pdf 685 kB


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Hey there! I was thinking of printing out copies of this for Little Free Libraries. Would that be cool?

Absolutely! I hope they are enjoyed there! 


This is interesing. but ive never played a Tabletop RPG before so i just wish there was more explanation when it comes to rules. Like it never tells you how much exp a trainers pokemon should be worth.


Thank you for the feedback! I'm looking at making a Mini edition (1 full page) where I'll have more room to explain.


Very very cool. Elegant, covers much of the gameboy game. I’d recommend adding some sort of element system (water type vs fire type etc.)


Hoping to include an element system in the next edition I make!


This is the best!!!!